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Our Principal Mrs C Saayman

"In 2023, Willowridge High School embraces the theme "Lead the Pack" by prioritizing teamwork and integrity.

Our mission is to empower learners to become leaders in all aspects of life.

We emphasize collaboration to build a supportive community where diverse perspectives are valued."

"Lead the Pack"
 Willows News

Willowridge High School's calendar has been nothing short of extraordinary. On September 22nd, we celebrated Heritage Day, a vibrant occasion that brought together our diverse community. The day was filled with cultural performances and traditional culinary delights, fostering an atmosphere of unity and respect for our cultural heritage.


October 12th marked a momentous event with the Investiture of the new Executive Council of Learners (ECL). This occasion not only highlighted the importance of student leadership but also introduced the 2024 student leaders, Kgalalelo Masilela as Headboy and Palesa Chaole as Headgirl. The ceremony took place in front of the entire school, with their proud parents in attendance, emphasizing the significance of their roles.


On October 24th, the Sports Awards ceremony celebrated our exceptional athletes. The event showcased the best, most improved players, and elite performers across various sporting codes. It was an evening of inspiration, highlighting the dedication and hard work of our student-athletes.


22 September 2023

Heritage Day


12 October 2023

ECL Investiture


24 October 2023

Sports Awards


26 October 2023

Matric Valediction

Closing the month, on October 26th, under the radiant daytime sun, the Matric Valediction took place. It was a daytime affair that truly embodied the grandeur and brilliance of Willowridge High School. These events underscore our commitment to community, leadership, and excellence, making our institution a beacon of inspiration for all.

The Warbler

Willowridge Warbler


The Willowridge Warbler is the school’s annual publication.


Willowridge High School started in 1987 and very soon after its inception, the Willowridge Warbler was created. A warbler is a small songbird and the inference is that this yearbook is singing the praises of those it mentions.

The book has various categories that cover aspects from an address by the principal to learners’ achievements on the sports field.

A reader can learn about all the various aspects of the school by glancing through the Warbler.


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