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 Change of Office-bearers on Willowridge’s Governing Body

Following the resignation of Mrs Paddy Nair the following members on our Governing Body have been democratically elected as office-bearers:

The incoming Chairman is Dr Lusani Netshitomboni and the Vice Chairman is Mr Wilson Rooy.

Congratulations to both Governing Body members.   We are confident that their wisdom and level-headed approach to Governing Body oversight will bless our school.

We are grateful for the leadership of Mrs Paddy Nair during trying times that required her insistence upon ethical leadership and transparent management.  Thank you for your feisty defence of justice and open and accountable public management.  We say goodbye with reluctance and regret.

May God bless you.
Congratulations and fondest regards,

Rowan Phillips
Acting Headmaster
On behalf of the Governing Body

SGB – Letter 1
SGB – Letter 2